Thursday, October 28, 2004

Latest Attractions

Definitely, the blockbuster hit of the season!

Even though the action is miles away, the outcome will affect us all. So cross your fingers 'cause it's going to be one dirty ball game!

Don't like them, maybe you'll like her -

In accordance to the 2004 US Elections, please participate in the new poll.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

I Love to Worship My Lord!

Just arrived from Los Banos. We got invited to the 15th anniversary of BLD Youth Los Banos, San Pablo district. Oh boy, was it fun there! There were groups from Bulacan, Cabuyao, and Los Banos. We had a worship service and presentations. Ang saya! Nakaka-bless!
Eh Ano!
Magwawala ako sa harap ng Panginoon
Aawit kahit wala sa tono.
Sasayaw ako ng buong laya.
Itoy munting hando ko sa Kanya.

Eh ano! Eh ano!
Kung mukha akong baliw.
Eh ano! Eh ano! Eh ano!
Eh ano! Eh ano!
Kung mukha akong baliw.
Eh ano! Eh ano! Eh ano!
'Di ko maitago, pag-ibig kong ito
Eh ano!
Basta't mahal ko si Kristo.

Friday, October 22, 2004

A Stupid but Original Way to Evade an Exam

Quite stupid but what the heck!
MILAN (Reuters) - Four Italian teenagers have confessed to flooding one of Milan's best known schools, causing an estimated 500,000 euros (345,000 pounds) in damage, because they did not want to sit a Greek exam.

The three girls and one boy, aged between 16 and 17, delivered a letter to the school's headmaster on Thursday, explaining how last weekend they blocked drains in a bathroom before they turned on washbasin taps and left them running.

The headmaster, Carlo Arrigo Pedretti, said the pupils wrote in the letter that they flooded the school to avoid having to sit their ancient Greek test on Monday morning.

"I am stunned, I cannot believe it," Pedretti said. "These kids have no idea of the consequence of their actions."

The Parini school, located in the heart of Milan and which was recently refurbished, is the oldest state school in Italy.

The pupils have been suspended from school until next Monday. They were questioned by police on Thursday and could be put under investigation for aggravated vandalism, breaking and entering and causing a disruption to public services. [Link]


It's all about decisions
Ever wished you could just close your eyes and wake up the other day knowing that you've skipped almost twenty years of your life? For Jenna Rink, that was exactly the case.

13 Going on 30 is movie that's not just about growing up but also explores the possiblity of second chances. Jennifer Garner plays the role of Jenna Rink, the kid whose 13th birthday wish came true. Waking up, she finds herself as a 30 year-old fashion magazine editor who "got everything she wanted". Of course, the poor kid inside a woman's body doesn't have a clue and goes through all of the mishaps one would expect from that situaton. It's quite reminiscent of Tom Hanks in the 1988 movie Big.

But putting the obvious aside, the strongest point of the movie is how can make people realize the importance of making choices. Teenage life, as depicted by Jenna, is riddled with numerous crossroads and junctures which we have to figure out. The roads are perilous and one wrong turn can spell disaster. Therefore, the girl in the movie, Jenna, is quite fortunate to see a "glimpse" of what she would have been if she did choose one alternative. Seeing it isn't what she really wants, she eventually had the opportunity to go back in time and straighten things up. It's ala Nicholas Cage in another of my favorite movies, The Family Man.

Of course, we don't have the luxury of seeing a glimpse of our future. But the movie tells us that we should be careful of our choices for there might be no turning back.

The cast also includes Mark Ruffalo, as Garner's love interest who also starred in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as one of the eraser dudes.

I give this movie:

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Random Search Referrals

Apparently I'm the number one result for "grimace mcdo history" in Yahoo. I'm the number six result for "mcdonald's mascot costume" in Yahoo, number one for "criricism of da vinci code" in Yahoo, number 17 for "angel nuval" in Yahoo, and number one for "eena sta. maria NASA" in Google. Of course, I'm number one for milkolate in both Yahoo and Google.

Other referrals in the past included Insiang, blue babble battalion, richie ticzon, and Pam Imperial.

Oh the vanity! (Site referrals via Site Meter)

It's All About the Balls

Now that's a nice philosophy!
At first I thought that Ben Stiller had the lead role in the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. But when I found out that it was Vince Vaughn, who also starred as the antagonist Reese Feldman in another Stiller movie, Starsky and Hutch, I thought it was one corny movie. But the Average Joe simply proved me wrong.

Vaughn is Peter La Fleur who, with a band of misfits, set out to join a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament to raise enough money to salvage La Fleur's gym from being sold to White Goodman (Stiller), the owner of the rival gym across the street. With such a simple plot and the Killer Stiller in the roster, the movie was a sure-fire hit for me. Though it wasn't the same old Stiller brand of comedy we've seen in previous movies like Meet the Parents, the movie still delivered the slapstick Stiller comedy we have grown to love.

The supporting cast was also great, including vava-voom vixen, Christine Taylor.

Over-all, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story was a very enjoyable movie. Wtih witty lines delivered by Stiller and the poker-faced Vaugh, the movie is one that everybody would easily love. The movie earns plus points for occasional reference to one of my favorite cable shows, Happy Days.

I give this movie:

Just Rambling

What a big catch!
Sembreak, for me, has been a weird hodge-podge of work and boredom. Each day has been a constant robotic effort to wake up at 930 am then mechanically walk to the living room and start flipping the TV remote. After boring myself with re-runs of last night's Everybody Love's Raymond I'd lift the screen of my laptop and wake it from hybernation (I never turn it off). Here, my work begins.

For starters, I begin to plough through at least 20 emails a day. Such number doesn't signify anything about my social life since almost all of my mails are daily digests with subjects ranging from photography to writing, my usual interests plus the also usual spam of Trajectory, my block's yahoo groups and others of the such.

After checking my mailbox, I would browse through my RSS subscriptions via BlogLines. Currently, I have 25 blogs and webpages in my subscription. Browsing through all of them takes me at least two hours and mind you, those two hours are well-spent. My subsriptions truly prove that the internet can either be a treasure chest or a Pandora's box.

What stuff do I find in the net?

1. keyboard sumo
2. web stuff whose size is only 5 kb
3. funky optical illusions

Happy browsing!!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Drumroll Please...


NASA, LightYears Away!

Thanks for keeping my dream alive!
People would ask me what my course is and I would proudly answer that I am a physics major. With my reply, people's reactions can be classified into two: "Wow! Physics?! Talino ah!" or "Ano bagsak mo niyan? teacher?". To the second, I would always say that I dont' want to teach but I want to work in NASA. This was the goal that I have set during the first days of this semester that is coming to a close. But as time progressed, I slowly came to the realization that NASA is a far-fetched dream. Maybe Japan but not NASA.

Then, out of nowhere, I received an email from Ana. It was about a Filipina, named Magdalena Rosario Sta. Maria. What's so special about her?
She is smart, pretty, and works for the National Aeronautics Space Administration, or NASA, the famous American space agency. Magdalena Rosario "Eena" Sta. Maria, 26, says that she gets "weird reactions" when people find out what she does for a living.

Eena's job is no laughing matter. After all, most people can only dream about what she does, or watch it in sci-fi movies. This unassuming Filipina has been working for the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute at the NASA-Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California, for over a year now. AMES Research Center is one of the 10 field installations of NASA, the world leader in space exploration.

Eena works as a research associate, doing Martian atmosphere simulations and modeling. Part of her job description includes the "development of the state-of-the-art evaporation models and the use of those models to investigate potential sites for melting on Mars.

So what if she's a Filipina working as a physicist in NASA? Read on:
Combining her love for physics with her love for computers, she took up BS Physics and Computer Engineering at the Ateneo de Manila University. "At that time, computers were the newest big thing and I wanted to be part of it. In hindsight, the physics part was a plus. I wanted to get into CE partly because it sounded cool," she explains.

The geist is, Eena and I have the same course. Therefore, if I give enough effort, time, and prayers, NASA is but a couple of lightyears away!!!

Musings Inside a Carinderia

Sitting down I say grace for the meal before me. Though the all liver dish bathing in oil and liver spread doesn't look the least inviting, I'm still thankful to God for the food before me, specially now that my stomach churns for not only its lunch but also its breakfast. Scooping a slice of liver, I immediately drive it into my mouth. Hhhmmm..

Doesn't taste too bad at all.

Scoop. Chew. Swallow. Scoop. Chew. Swallow.

I continually raze a small white hill that is my one and a half up of rice. I would pause occasionally to sip the lukewarm broth or the ice-cold 7 up, not minding the father and son duo beside me who doesn't fit the picture of people who eat in a place such as this. I continue on with the same robotic process - scoop, chew, swallow. In some point or another, the all-liver viand started to taste like the bland, unsavory, dry liver that it is ought to be and so my tastebuds suddenly shouted "Enough!". Pulling away from my almost finished meal (I just don't have the will to swallow the last three spoonfulls of rice wtih liver), turned around to look at the road, just to see how things are going in this pleasant noon.

Suddenly, there, I saw her.

By blinding leap of fate, I saw her. She was wearing a white shirt with loose pants and white snickers. She was carrying along with her a pile of papers, maybe her argumentative research paper or something. I continually looked, no, stared at her. Good thing she's focus on going to the tricycle terminal, or else, she would see me in my shabby sando and shorts with a wet hair to boot. But in some way or another, I hoped that she would glance to her right and see the glimpse of me. I just wanted to know what would happen. Would she recognize me? Would she wave at me? Would she look at me with disgust? And what would I do? Would I wave back in return? Would I turn around like a coward, pretending I was not drilling my eyes on her and her sweet flowing hair as it undulates with every step that she takes? What would I do?

While these thoughts pass my mind, the answers came like yet a snapping back to reality - no, she didn't turn to her right; no, she didn't see me; no, I didn't have to think of how I will react if ever her lovely gaze would stare back unto the window of my soul. With her out of my sight, completely, I remembered what people told me about love. I was pretty sure I am not in love with her. Maybe the closest word to what I feel is admiration.

Yes, admiration. I admire the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she smiles, the way she laughs, the way she writes, the way she would often check her cellphone for somebody to text, the way she would stand up and let me sit on the last chain in the room while watching the debate, the way she would crave for something to eat, the way she loves even though such love is not for me. Nevertheless, I admire her for her and maybe, for as long as I have a heart I will forever admire her the way I admire her now.

But now that I approach the cashier to pay for my lunch, all thoughts of her simply drift away. She drifts away from me like the rainbow wrapped around transparent globes of bubbles. Yes, that's what she is, bubbles in the air. For forever I'll admire her but never dare touch for if I do, she'd just pop into thin air.


Try it! It's free!
Last night, while plowing my way through the bane of my suppoese-to-be-sembreak, my argumentative research paper, I stumbled upon the Google Desktop.

Currently, my Google Desktop is not yet in full swing because according to it, it's indexing my files. But once it's done indexing my files, I am able to search my hard drive while I simultaneously search for that same thing in the net. With the help of your internet cache, it is also able to search the webpages you have accessed in the past.

Besides the seamless integration of the hard drive into the Google search enginge, when used online, the Google Desktop can act as a hard drive searcher. It is reported that using the tool is actually faster than searching your directories using Window's Search function.

This is definitely a major innovative step by Google. Therefore, it isn't an impossible idea that one day, Google would offer storage using their own supercomputers. But for now, why don't you try the new Google Desktop?

For more info on the Google Desktop, try visiting: and the Yahoo News article on this.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Squares - Not a Game

Look 'ma! Squares!
Researchers have managed to grow this square bacterium in the laboratory for the first time. The square bacteria was first discovered twenty-five years ago in a salty pond near the ultra-salty Red Sea. To grow it in the lab, the scientists used a culture with the salt concentration of soy sauce. From an article in Nature:
The microbe is also extremely tolerant of magnesium chloride. According to (University of Groningen scientist Henk) Bolhuis, this makes it a model organism for studying what life might be like in extraterrestrial corners of the solar system, such as the magnesium-rich brines on Jupiter's moons Europa and Ganymede.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Blogoshphere

It's a bloggy-blog world out there!
I'm here in the dorm, bored to death after enduring four killer final exams (Lit, ECE 21, Fil, Math). I just arrived from the prayer meeting in Santuario de San Antonio. I just finished to Kuya Emmans. I still can't go home and officially start my sembreak because I need to finish the argumentative research paper for English which is due this coming monday but I intend to finish by this Friday.

Back to the bored me... So here I was, bored. So I decided to click on the NEXT BLOG button of blogspot in my blog and I stumbled upon newly created blogs such as this. The foreign blog reminded me of the sudden growth of the number of blogs during the summer months. But according to my research, blog is not just a fad here but the world over! Here are some interesting facts c/o Jeremy Zawodny:

- there are unofficially 4.1 million bloggers in the world
- the number of weblogs double every 5 months
- a new blog is created every 7.4 seconds
- the rate of new posts created is 4 posts per second

The truth of the matter is, the blogosphere is one unstoppable force that is continually snowballing every second of every day! Well I have been scouring the web for stuff about the blogosphere and I came across a lot of revelations, juicy tidbits, and simply some trivia-trivia-aha!. For starters, I found the one who coined the term blogosphere. There are even questions of whether bloggers can be considered as journalists.

In the issue of whether bloggers are journalists, I see them more of freelance columnists who have a say on things. But of course, if everyone could freely write their opinions, what is the need for editiorials and the likes? The answer lies in the authority. I can say whatever I want in this blog but it doesn't mean that what I say is right or proper. Even when it comes to news blogging, periodicals are having serious competition with the likes of Google News or for the quirkier, Utterly Boring and Boing Boing (btw, I am subscribed to these gold mines via Bloglines, I recommend that you try it to!). With such wealth of information, who needs newspapers?.

But of course, before one can answer such question, the issue of the paradigm: blogger : journalist :: flea : dog arises. Are bloggers just parasites? Stepping out of my blogging shoes, I say bloggers are not parasites. Rather, they are people who just have their own piece to say and they choose the net to be their one big democracy wall. But the one thing that one can trully admire in the blogosphere is the no holds bar attitude. Here, you say what you want to say without the filter of an editorial bureaucracy which can be translated (though not always) as journalism in its purest form.

Much has been said but for me, it all comes back to the essentials...

Speaking of blogging...

Time to end this post and drink a hefty glass of ice cold milkolate!!! aaahhhhhh!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Addicting Game: Squares 2

I was looking for the sample math final exam in the internet when I stumbled upon a great distraction!

WARNING: Do not open this link unless you have a solid hour to blow off today. This is addicting like Tetris. Simple, stupid, and youll end up playing the thing all day long.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Come and See

Thank you!
The Lord said, "Come and see" (John 1:39).

The Youth Encounter Weekend is one of those precious moments that I will forever cherish. For two days, I felt a strong sense of belongingness to people I have just came to know for a few months or even during the encounter itself. Nonetheless, a strong has been created between the members of Y.E. 14. But to think that muntik na hindi ako makapunta because of the constant pressures of the hell week (last week) and the finals week (this coming week). The YE weekend was literally sandwiched between two crashing rocks. But God always makes a way and I was able to decide to go and trust in the Lord.

During the YE, we were divided into groups - Dove, Deer, Donkey, Whale, Fish, Sheep, and my group, Camel. I was together with Xyza, Aika, Lauren, and Tito Jho(who is the oldest member of YE, feeling young kasi).

The thing that made the weekend very special to me is how I was able to find healing, care, and genuine love from other people, especially from the Camel group. Activities such as the Love Circles and the life storms circle gave me affirmation and has shown me that I am not a worthless being but one who is treasured by the people around me.

Truly, the people in the YE made me feel special, the Camel group, the whole YE 14 class, the sponsoring class, the adult coordinators, Fr. Larry Tan, my parents, and of course, the one who invited me to such a renewing experience - father God, the one whom I have encountered.

Praise the Lord!

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

Over the mountains and the sea
Your river runs with love for me
So I will open up my heart
And let the Healer set me free
I'm happy to be in the truth
So I will daily lift my hands
For I will always sing of
When Your love came down

I could sing
I could sing of Your love forever
I will sing
I could sing of Your love forever
I could sing of Your love forever
I could sing of Your love forever

And O I feel like dancing
It's foolishness I know
But when the world has seen the light
They will dance with joy
Like we're dancing now

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Good Day Sunshine!!!

Mistaken bird
Yes, I'm finally half-way through my week and I'm also half-way throught the tons of schoolwork I have to do. Well, my Fil group project is 3/4 finish, my ECE power supply project is also 3/4 finish and my argumentative research paper on McDonald's is going pretty smoothly. What more can I ask for?

Other things that made me happy today:
1. lumusong ako sa baha
2. an uber uber uber cool magic trick!!!!!!
3. a man who accidentally cut off his junior

Talk about major "disconnection"!!! hehehehe!!!

Well, it's time to dc myself. Ciao!

Saturday, October 02, 2004


To everyone,

Please visit this webpage. Please accomplish the survey. It won't take much of your time. It's for my Argumentative Research Paper. If ever you do answer the survey, I am forever in debt to you!

Drink on!

Friday, October 01, 2004

100% noyPi

Cool Geek
Who would ever think that one of my favorite Filipino passtimes would have an online reincarnation? Here is a computer game based on the popular Tong-its.

Thanks to a cool Filipino programmer, I can now enjoy Tong-its in the comfort of my own laptop.

Note: If you're going to download it, please don't forget to sign in his guestbook. It's the least you can do.